Aer Lingus JFK airport

Aer Lingus JFK airport

Aer Lingus is an airline from Ireland, which is the largest air carrier in its country. 25.4% of the company is owned by the local government. In addition, 29.4% is owned by Ryanair. The subsidiaries are Aer Lingus UK and Aer Turas. The company’s headquarter is located in Dublin.

The airline was founded in 1936. Initially, the capitalization was 100 thousand pounds, and as of 2014 this figure was at the level of 660 million euros.

The company has 54 aircraft. Most of them are Airbus A320-200. Also there are A330-300, A321neo, A330-200 in the company’s fleet. The average age of aircraft owned by airlines is 11.8 years.

Air Lingus at JFK terminal 5

The planes of this airline arrive at terminal 5 and depart from there. There are flights that are designated as Aer Lingus flights, but in fact they are operated by other companies (for example, there are agreements with Air Canada, British Airways, Etihad Airways). Such aircraft depart and arrive most often at Terminal 7.

Some cities where Aer Lingus planes fly from JFK airport: Manchester, Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Rome, Naples. A complete list of destinations can be found on the official website of the airport or airline.

Aer Lingus JFK arrivals

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