Terminal 2 map John F. Kennedy Airport JFK

Terminal 2 map John F. Kennedy Airport JFK New York

The John F. Kennedy International Airport JFK is perhaps one of the busiest airports in the entire country. It is definitely a prominent destination for international travelers. And the tens of thousands of flights every month are made possible by the 100+ airlines working at the airport. One of these is the notable Delta Air Lines, which actually occupies its very own terminal at the JFK Airport – the second terminal.

There airport has 6 terminals in total, with commuting between them made quite easy thanks to the AirTrain, which goes around all terminals and major points in the airport like the parking area and even has some stops beyond the airport, and the Delta JFK Jitney shuttle bus, which solely commutes between two terminals – 2 and 4. The latter service mostly benefits Delta flyers as the airlines solely occupies the second terminal and has services in the fourth terminal. Regardless of which inter-terminal service you use, they are both convenient, fast, frequent, free of charge for stops within the borders of the airport itself.

Terminal 2 map jfk New York

Delta JFK Terminal

As Delta Air Lines operates from both terminals 2 and 4, the primary and exclusive terminal is Terminal 2. Hence why it is labeled the Delta JFK Terminal. As we already mentioned, traveling between the terminals is made possible by both inter-terminal transportation services.

Needless to say, passengers can also enjoy a host of different amenities at the terminal that range in purpose from leisure to necessity.

Facilities at JFK Terminal 2

Since Delta Air Lines operates in both terminals 2 and 4, the Delta Sky Club lounge can be found in the fourth instead of the second terminal. If you want to enjoy a warm shower and a satisfying meal while you cozy up and wait for your flight, it is advised to purchase a pass to be able to enjoy these amenities.

Facilities at JFK Terminal 2

As you wait for your journey, you can also enjoy all the other amenities provided at the terminal such as the plethora of restaurants and cafes to satisfy your taste buds, and the shops and stores to keep you busy as you wander around or just to help with some last-minute shopping. Being a Delta passenger at the JFK Airport most certainly has its perks!

Other facilities include the necessary pet relief zone, a medical office, currency exchange companies, ATMs, free Wi-Fi, and much more!

The John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 2 has all the amenities required for leisure and comfort. And if you travel with Delta Air Lines, you’re in luck because you will be able to use all of these amenities and services that were created especially for you.