Car Rental in JFK New York Airport

Car Rental in JFK New York Airport

If after arriving at the airport you don’t want to depend on public transport and want to drive wherever you want on your own, use the car rental service. You can book a car in advance or get a vehicle after your arrival. However, remember that in the first case, the service will cost you less.

Cars that passengers can rent are located at Federal Circle Station. To get here, use the AirTrain. This is a transport that operates around the clock. Trips last from 2 to 5 minutes. You can take your luggage and your pet if it is in a cage. AirTrain runs frequently, so you won’t have to wait long.

Companies that provide car rental services

Companies that provide car rental services

JFK is a hub where 10 companies that allow passengers to rent cars are based. You can choose the appropriate option by reading the information about each company. The official website of the airport has links to the web portals of these companies.

Here are a few companies whose services are popular among airport passengers:

Hertz (phone number: 718-656-7600);
Enterprise (718-553-7013);
Payless (800-729-5377);
Alamo (888-233-8749).

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On the official website of the airport, you won’t be able to apply for a car rental. You need to either call the company or go to the company’s website and leave your details there.
Paying for tolls

Even when using a rented car, you shouldn’t forget about tolls. You can get exact information about this issue from the company that rents a car. Some firms provide customers with E-ZPass transponder tags. Be sure to learn how to use them correctly.

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If the company didn’t give you such a transponder, you will have to use an alternative option. One of them is very simple – you will need to pay in cash. You can also use your own transponder if you have one. The airport administration advises not to enter the license plate of the vehicle you are renting on the account.

The issue of compensation in case of damage to the car is decided separately with each company that rents vehicles. Be sure to discuss this issue in advance with a company employee so as not to get into an unpleasant situation in the end.

Also remember that you shouldn’t use the services of dubious companies that rent cars. Reputable companies with a good reputation, approved by the administration, operate on the territory of the airport. You can trust them.