Hotels New York (JFK) Airport

Hotels New York (JFK) Airport

If your flight is severely delayed or canceled, or you just want to spend the night close to the airport, there are plenty of hotels to choose from. One of them (TWA Hotel) is located on the territory of JFK, the rest of the hotels are located outside the airport. Many hotels provide passengers with a free shuttle service. To take one of these buses, you need to get to Federal Circle Station. Use AirTrain for this, which works around the clock. This is the most convenient and fastest option.

TWA Hotel

As mentioned above, this is a hotel that is located directly on the territory of the airport. This is not just a place where you can spend the night. This is a large complex that includes food establishments, gyms, shopping centers and so on.

A few facts about TWA Hotel:

  • there are 512 rooms here. Some rooms overlook the runways. At the same time, noise doesn’t penetrate inside, since the walls and windows are made using special technologies;
  • space for meetings and events can simultaneously accommodate up to 1600 people;
  • here you can find the world’s largest gym, located in the hotel. Its area is 10,000 square feet;
  • you can have a cocktail in the lounge, which is made from an L-1649A aircraft.
  • If you would like to book a room or have a question regarding the operation of the hotel, call (212) 806-9000.

Hotels outside the airport

Comfort Inn & Suites. This is a hotel that is three miles from the airport, which means you can drive to it in a minimum of time. The subway is 15 minutes from this place. The hotel management prides itself on the fact that their rooms are a quarter larger than standard rooms in other places. Phone number: (718) 659-7777.

Hotels outside the airport JFK airport

Crown Plaza. This is not an ordinary hotel. This is a business hotel. It has 4,540 square feet of space for conferences and other events. The hotel has a gym, you can come here with animals. Phone number: (718) 530-1160.

Days Inn & Suites. This is a classic hotel suitable for both singles and families. There is free parking and free Wi-Fi. Phone number: (718) 845-6666.

Radisson Hotel JFK Airport. To get here, you need to spend 5 minutes on the road. There is a free shuttle service. The hotel has a large gym, and the hotel hosts entire sports teams from time to time. Phone number: (718) 322-2300.

As you can see, hotels differ from each other and have different purposes. You can choose the option that suits you best.