Terminal 7 map JFK Airport

Terminal 7 map JFK Airport

Terminal 7 is a place where British Airways is based, but planes of other airlines take off and land here too. However, British Airways enjoys great benefits at this terminal. For example, five out of four lounge areas belong to this airline. Terminal 7 doesn’t stand out from other terminals at JFK Airport. This is a modern facility with a large number of services. There is plenty of space here, making JFK’s passengers feel comfortable even when the terminal is full. A way to the desired location can be found without problems. There are maps in the terminal itself, and you can also view real-time information on the airport website.

There are three levels here.

1 Level terminal 7 JFK airport

1 Level terminal 7 JFK airport

Arrivals level. Passengers who got off the plane go here to pick up their bags. After that, they go to look for transport. It can be a bus, taxi or AirTrain (a special type of transport that runs around the airport).

Departure level. Passengers who are going to fly from JFK airport come here. Before boarding, they go through all necessary checks here.

Concourse level. Passengers come here and go to the boarding gates. Gates 1-12 are located here. A distinctive feature of this level is a large number of services. For example, there is a family room, a place for taking care of pets. Passengers can buy souvenirs, drinks, food and much more here.

2 Level terminal 7

2 Level terminal 7 JFK airport

In order to get to another terminal, you need to use the AirTrain, which we mentioned above. This is a transport that runs around the clock and allows you to quickly and conveniently get to almost anywhere in the airport. Passengers spend only 2-5 minutes on the way. Travel is free.

Services for passengers

There are plenty of places to eat on this level. We are talking about cafes, food courts, restaurants. You can also spend time shopping by going to one of the many shops (Duty Free is also available here). There are ATMs, currency exchange points.

terminal jfk airport

For British Airways passengers, a special comfort is provided here. As mentioned above, four lounge areas were organized for them: Galleries Club Lounge, The Concorde Room, Club Lounge, First Lounge. All zones have approximately the same set of services. Passengers can drink, eat, take a shower, use the Internet, watch TV, spend time reading the press here. There is even a SPA where you can relax before the flight or after it!

Alaska Airlines is another airline whose lounge area is on this level. However, the list of services in this case is shorter. Passengers can buy food and drinks, they can watch TV or use the Internet, read magazines and newspapers. You can see the full list of services on the official website of the airport or airline.

Terminal 7 map JFK Airport

Like all other lounge areas at JFK Airport, these locations are great for passengers whose flight is delayed, whose flight was canceled, for people who have connecting flights. In addition, lounges are often used by people who have an early flight and want to have breakfast or take a nap before their flight.