Parking in JFK airport New York

Parking in JFK airport New York

JFK airport is convenient not only for people, but also for cars. There are many places to park vehicles here, but you need to know certain rules so as not to create problems for yourself or other passengers and employees.

You can pre-book your parking space on the airport’s official website. Some places are only for early bookings (the application must be left no later than 48 hours before arrival at the airport).
If you want to park your car and you haven’t booked a parking space in advance, you can find out on the website how full a particular parking area is. This information is updated in real time.
The airport has special parking spaces for people with disabilities. If you want to leave your car here, you must have a special license plate or document with information about your health condition. Otherwise, your vehicle will be evacuated.

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Parking cost

We mentioned above that there are parking spaces at the airport that can only be booked in advance. They are in the Federal Circle Station Lot. Daily parking fee is $20. If you leave your car for a longer period, you need to pay an additional $10 for every 12 hours.

The price of parking in other places depends on the location where you plan to leave your vehicle. The airport has garages of different colors: yellow, blue, orange, red. Blue and yellow garages have the same price:

  • half an hour – 6 dollars;
  • additional half an hour – 6 dollars;
  • additional half an hour if the car is parked for more than 3 hours – 12 dollars;
  • price per day – 75 dollars (for early bookings – 42 dollars).

The cost of parking in the orange and red garages:

  • half an hour – 4 dollars;
  • additional half an hour – 4 dollars;
  • additional half an hour if the car is parked for more than 3 hours – 8 dollars;
  • price per day – 70 dollars (for early bookings – 36 dollars).

The price may change over time. The information above is current as of July 2022.

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Payment Methods

The fastest way to pay for parking is to use E-ZPass Plus. In this case, you will need to make a payment in a few seconds at the exit from the parking area.

The service can be paid contactlessly. All popular methods are supported: Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay. Credit and debit cards are also allowed to be used. You cannot pay for the service in cash.

The administration recommends booking parking spaces in advance. In this case, you save your time and money. You can also choose a parking space that is close to the terminal. To do this, you need to use the “Premium Reserve” option. Reservations for parking spaces can only be made online.

Any car owner can use the services of specialists if there is a problem with vehicle. For example, airport staff will help you if you have a flat tire or your electric car has a dead battery.
Important point! It is forbidden to park right next to the terminals, even if it is a stop for 1 minute. These vehicles are being evacuated. If you meet or see off a passenger, the administration recommends leaving the vehicle in one of the parking garages.