Transportation JFK airport

Transportation JFK airport

JFK is one of the most modern airports in the world, and it’s not just about air transport infrastructure. Ground transport here is also at the highest level. Passengers can use AirTrain, taxis and public transport. Let’s look at each option in detail. We will pay special attention to AirTrain.


AirTrain is a very fast and convenient way to get around the airport. This transport connects all important locations into a single system. With the help of AirTrain, you can get to any of the terminals, to the car rental point, to the parking lot and the bus that picks up passengers who want to get the hotel. In addition, you can drive to the Jamaica and Howard Beach stops, where you can transfer to one of the many buses, subways or trains.

Transportation JFK airport

For passengers who don’t go outside the airport, travel is free. If you want to get into the city, you need to pay 8 dollars. Important point! Tolls can only be paid with a MetroCard.

AirTrain operates around the clock.

Taxi and public transport

Let’s take a quick look at the remaining options.

Taxi. One car can carry no more than 4 people at a time. The cost depends on the destination. For example, a ride to LaGuardia Airport will cost approximately $35, while a ride to Victory Boulevard will cost $80.

Subway. The bus stop can be reached by AirTrain. The combination “AirTrain + subway” is the cheapest way to get to the center of the city.
Bus. Bus stops are located in Terminal 5. If you flew to another terminal, use the AirTrain.

Train. To get to the train station, you also need to use AirTrain. The closest is Jamaica Station.

Car rent. At the arrivals level in each terminal you will find a car rent point. To drive the car you paid for, you need to use the AirTrain and go to the Federal Circle Station.

This list doesn’t include some private carriers that provide their services on a permanent or temporary basis. For example, you can leave the bus stop on a private bus. You can also order a private transfer. In short, there are many options.