Transfers JFK airport

Transfers JFK airport

The most convenient way to leave JFK Airport is to book a transfer. In fact, you will use the services of a personal taxi driver who will pick you up at the specified time and take you to the right place. This is especially convenient for passengers who arrive at night and cannot take full advantage of public transport or don’t consider it safe.

You need to specify the exact time of arrival of your aircraft. If your flight is delayed or cancelled, be sure to notify the driver. The driver is waiting for the passenger for 45 minutes. The car pulls up to Arrivals. The driver is waiting for the passenger with a sign on which his name is indicated.

Information you need to provide

We mentioned the most important information above. It is about the arrival time of your aircraft. You also need to choose the number of passengers. Remember that one car can pick up no more than four people.

Tell the destination where you need to get to. It is also possible to arrange a return transfer, so you can choose the time when you plan to go back to the airport.

After you have ordered the service, you will receive the driver’s phone number. You can contact him at any time to agree on the details.

Benefits of JFK Airport Transfer Service

Firstly, you can plan your time more accurately, as you know exactly when the car will be waiting for you.

Secondly, it’s comfortable. For example, if your plane arrives at night or in the morning, you can take a nap in the car. In addition, it is important that the transfer is carried out by comfortable modern cars.

Third, it’s safe. The transfer is carried out only by experienced drivers.

However, don’t forget that the travel time doesn’t always depend on the driver. There can be heavy traffic in the city, and you can spend more time on the road than planned. If you want to plan your time as accurately as possible, check with the driver how long the trip will last at a particular time of the day.