Terminal 4 map JFK Airport

Terminal 4 map JFK Airport New York

Terminal 4 is the only terminal at JFK Airport that operates around the clock. It was built in 2013 to serve a large number of international flights. It is the main hub for Delta Airlines, however, planes of not only this company, but also others land here. Terminal 4 has many lounge areas and places where passengers can have a good time while waiting for their flight.

Terminal 4 levels

Terminal 4 JFK airport has 3 levels

Terminal 4 has 3 levels

Arrivals level. Here, after the flight is completed, passengers receive their luggage and then go to look for public transport or a taxi. A passenger who flew here for the first time can visit the tourist information point. You can also book a hotel room directly from here. This will be useful if, for example, you arrived for one day and didn’t book accommodation anywhere.
Departure level. Everything is simple here: passengers pass all the necessary checks before being allowed to board the aircraft.

Concourse level. To get here, you must first go through the security checkpoint. This level distinguishes terminal 4 from all others. There is a large shopping center here, where shopping lovers will definitely find something to do. This level is divided into two parts: A, B.

Terminal 4 map JFK

In total, Terminal 4 has 38 gates, which are divided between two concourse levels. The advantage of the terminal and JFK airport as a whole is the intuitive placement of locations. It’s hard to get lost here.

Getting from one terminal to another is not difficult. In order to do this, you need to use the AirTrain system. In truth, you have no other option: it is forbidden to move between terminals on foot. AirTrain is an extremely convenient mode of transport. Firstly, the trip lasts only 2-5 minutes, so you won’t even get bored. Secondly, AirTrain operates around the clock to meet the needs of passengers who arrive from different parts of the world.

shops Terminal 4 JFK

There is an alternative transfer option only between Terminal 4 and Terminal 2. We are talking about a bus provided by Delta Air. It’s free.

Services for passengers in terminal 4 John F. Kennedy airport

There are many lounge areas for passengers inside the terminal. For example, clients of such airlines can have a good time here: Air India, Etihad, SWISS, Emirates, Delta Air. Each lounge area has its own opening hours, so we recommend that you find up-to-date information before your flight.

Services for passengers in terminal 4 John F. Kennedy airport

Lounge areas offer many options for a pleasant pastime. Here you can eat, drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks), watch TV, use Wi-Fi, take a shower, talk on the phone, print documents, and so on. Some lounge areas offer premium food, so gourmets will be satisfied.

There are useful places outside the lounges as well. A client of any airline can visit one of the restaurants, cafes, food courts. You can go to the store (there is Duty Free as well). Terminal 4 has bank branches, currency exchange offices, and ATMs. In a word, it won’t be difficult to solve your financial issues here.