Services JFK airport NY

Services JFK airport NY

JFK is one of the most modern and comfortable airports in the world. Passengers can take advantage of a large number of useful services that are located in the terminals and beyond. There are services organized by some airlines and the airport administration itself.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport. Smoking is strictly prohibited here. There are no separate smoking areas. In each terminal, you can find drinking water fountains, pet care areas and, of course, toilets.

Services at airport terminals JFK

There are services that you can find in every terminal. These are ATMs, currency exchangers, restaurants, cafes, charging stations, medical offices, pet care areas, shops, Duty Free, toilets and so on. There are also travelers aid and welcome center in the terminals.

Terminal 1 has lounge areas for the following companies: Korean Air Lines, Lufthansa, Air France/KLM. In the lounges, passengers can have a snack, drink alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, watch TV, read the press, surf the Internet, take a shower.

Services at airport terminals JFK

Terminal 2 provides easy access to “The ARK at JFK”. This place is called the world’s first private airport for animals. In the second terminal there is a lounge zone of only one company – Delta Air Lines. The fact is that this airline is based in this terminal.

Terminal 4 is distinguished by the presence of a large number of lounges. Here are the locations of the following companies: Etihad, Virgin Atlantic, SWISS, Emirates, Air India.

Terminal 5 is interesting because there is a special location for military personnel who work at the airport. The US Air Force is based here. Also in Terminal 5 there is JetBlue Rooftop Terrace and Aer Lingus Lounge.

In terminal 7 you can find accommodation plus hotel desk. There are five British Airways lounge areas, as this airline is based in this terminal. In addition, there is one Alaska Airlines lounge area.

Terminal 8 has three American Airlines lounge areas. The terminal differs from other terminals by the family restrooms.

Services JFK airport

How to get more information

You can find a complete description of the services available at JFK Airport by visiting the official website. You can also call (718) 244-4444.

Summing up, let’s say that every passenger who arrived at this airport can count on the highest level of comfort. It has everything for passengers who travel alone, for families, for parents with children, for people with animals.

Special mention should be made of shoppers. In the terminals you will find a huge number of small shops and large shopping centers. If you want to spend time with special comfort, you can purchase a pass to one of the lounge areas, where passengers feel at home. A great option for those whose flight is delayed and for people who just love comfort.