Flights Airport JFK

Not far from Downtown Manhattan, the John. F. Kennedy International Airport is one of the most important airports in the United States. Due to its geographical and technical significance, this large airport has six terminals and over 130 gates in total. These terminals accommodate for more than a hundred different airlines! Of these 100+ airlines operating at the JFK Airport, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, and American Airlines have hubs and/or primary operational bases at the airport.,

Flights Airport JFK

Flight statistics

The John F. Kennedy International Airport operates well over 45,000 flights each and every month, through more than 600 routes, internationally and domestically combined. On average, around 1.5 million passengers take to the sky from the JFK Airport every month on one of the various routes available. Of these routes, a large percentage is domestic (339 routes). Other prominent destinations include the United Kingdom with 26 routes, Canada with 15 routes, and Germany and Italy sharing third place with 14 routes each. The single city with the most domestic flights to and from the JFK Airport is Los Angeles with 1,954 flights. Internationally, that title goes to London, UK with 1,193 flights.

The airlines

airlines operating at the JFK Airport, include

Some of the most notable of the 100+ airlines operating at the JFK Airport, include:

  • AeroMexico – operating through Terminal 4
  • Air China – Terminal 1
  • American Airlines – Terminal 8
  • Air France – Terminal 1
  • British Airways – Terminal 7
  • Caribbean Airlines – Terminal 4
  • Delta Air Lines – Terminal 2 and Terminal 4
  • Emirates Airlines – Terminal 4
  • Etihad Airways – Terminal 4
  • Hawaiian Airlines – Terminal 4
  • Icelandair – Terminal 7
  • JetBlue – Terminal 5 for departures and Terminals 4 and 5 for


  • Lufthansa – Terminal 1
  • Qatar Airways – Terminal 8
  • Virgin Atlantic – Terminal 4
  • Turkish Airlines – Terminal 1
  • United – Terminal 7

Flights JFK

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