Terminal 5 map JFK Airport

Terminal 5 map JFK Airport

Terminal 5 is unique in that it is located behind another terminal called the TWA Flight Center. It was once designed by the legendary Finnish designer and architect Eero Saarinen. You can look at the result of the work of a well-known specialist even now: TWA Flight Center is considered part of Terminal 5.

Terminal 5 itself is designed to serve passengers of many airlines, but Jetblue Airways enjoys special privileges. The website of this airline even has a separate section with a description of the terminal and locations that can be found inside.

Terminal 5 levels JFK airport

There are only 2 levels here.

Terminal 5 levels JFK airport New York

Arrivals level. Passengers arrive here, after which they go to receive their luggage. Right at this level, you can use some services, so it’s not just technical. From here, passengers go to look for public transport, taxi or AirTrain (we will talk more about this mode of transport later).

Departure level. Here passengers pass all the necessary checks. After their successful completion, people get access to boarding gates and to the aircraft themselves.

We mentioned AirTrain above. This is a special type of transport that runs between the airport terminals (walking is prohibited). AirTrain is a very convenient mode of transport. Passengers spend from two to five minutes on the road. AirTrain operates around the clock. If you wish to go from one terminal to another, you don’t need to pay.

Terminal 5 JFK Airport

In addition, with the help of AirTrain you can come to a location where you can rent a car or rent a hotel room. The big advantage of JFK Airport is that the passenger can move quickly and conveniently throughout the territory.

Services for passengers 5 terminal

All services available in this terminal can be divided into two categories. The first category is services that everyone can use. The second category is lounges designed for passengers who use the services of certain airlines.

Services available to all people are restaurants, cafes (including cafes for children), food stores. Of course, there is Duty Free here. In addition, passengers can exchange currency here, visit a bank branch or withdraw money using an ATM.

Services for passenger terminal 5 JFK airport

There are only three locations for passengers of certain airlines. The first zone is called JetBlue Rooftop Terrace. Among the services there is only Wi-Fi and a zone for children.
The second location is USO Center T5/JFK. It is intended for military professionals who work at the airport (the US Air Force owns the rights to part of the airport). This lounge area is sponsored by Jetblue Airways. Military men and women can eat here, drink, watch TV, read magazines and newspapers, use the Internet.

The third and final lounge area is the Aer Lingus Lounge. Passengers of the Irish company Aer Lingus have access to this location. Here you can order simple snacks and premium food. You can read the press, watch TV, surf the internet and take a shower. The location doesn’t have a clear work schedule. It starts working before the first departure and closes after the last departure.