Terminal 8 map JFK Airport

Terminal 8 map JFK Airport

Terminal 8 is different from other JFK airport terminals. Firstly, it is operated by American Airlines. Passengers of this company enjoy special privileges, including several lounge areas. Secondly, this terminal is the largest at this airport. It receives about 13 million passengers annually. This is possible due to the large size of the terminal and the ability to provide comfort to passengers even when fully loaded. The terminal consists of four levels, there are a large number of restaurants, cafes and services.

The levels of this terminal are typical of a JFK airport.

Arrivals level. Passengers whose flight has come to an end arrive here. People get their luggage, after which they go to look for public transport or a taxi. You can also use the AirTrain service. This is a special type of transport, which we will talk about in more detail a little later.

Departure level. Here passengers undergo various checks. If successful, they get access to the next levels.

Terminal 8 map JFK Airport New York

Concourse B. There are 12 boarding gates on this level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 14, 16.

Concourse C. There are a few more boarding gates here – 17 (31-47). To get to this level, you need to go through the tunnel.

terminal 8 jfk airport

Now let’s take a closer look at AirTrain, which we briefly mentioned above. This is a transport that runs around the clock and connects many airport locations into a single system. The big advantage of this transport is speed. Passengers spend only 2-5 minutes on the way. With AirTrain you can get to any terminal (travel between terminals is free). In addition, AirTrain can take you to the parking lot, hotel room reservations and some other services. The AirTrain stop is located near the exit of each terminal. Transport runs frequently, so passengers don’t have to wait long.

Services for passengers

As mentioned above, this terminal is for American Airlines passengers. There are three lounge areas designed for them: Flagship First Dining, Admirals Club, Temp Admirals Club. Passengers who are waiting for a flight, passengers whose flight is delayed or canceled can comfortably spend time here. In the lounge areas you can buy snacks, premium food, drinks (including alcoholic drinks). Passengers can take a shower here, watch TV, use the Internet, read the press.

Services for passengers terminal 8

At the eighth level, there are many services that are not part of the lounges. For example, here you can exchange currency, visit a bank branch, withdraw money from an ATM. Gourmets will be pleased with a large number of restaurants with dishes from different cuisines, cafes, food courts. You can spend time shopping while waiting for your flight. There are several large shops and Duty Free. You can find up-to-date information about services, shops, restaurants and their work schedule on the official website.

In a word, terminal 8, like all other terminals, offers passengers comfortable conditions. The administration makes sure that even those passengers who need to wait a long time for their flight don’t get bored and have access to all the necessary services.