Train JFK airport

You can leave JFK Airport by train. It is a fast and inexpensive mode of transport. However, this option has a slight drawback: there is no train stop near the airport itself, so you will have to spend a little time on the way.

To get to the train, you must use AirTrain. This is a special type of transport designed specifically for airport passengers. It works around the clock. Only trips between JFK terminals are free. If you want to get to the train station, you will need to pay for it. We will talk about fares in a separate section.

The most convenient way is to get to Jamaica Station, which is closest to JFK.

More about traveling by train

The exact name of the transport that you have to use is Long Island Rail Road. Jamaica Station is convenient because from here you can get to literally any important location in the city. For example, this is a great option if you want to get to Midtown Manhattan, Downtown Brooklyn.

The train can also take you to many locations in Long Island. For the detailed route information, visit the MTA website. You can also get this information on one of the many travel sites that specialize in the United States.

About the fare

As mentioned above, you can get to the train station using AirTrain. The cost of one trip is $8. An important point: you can only pay for the trip using the MetroCard. You can get this card, for example, in one of the vending machines.

As for the train itself: the cost of the trip depends on the time. The train route also depends on it, so read the information in advance so as not to create problems for yourself.
If you need to get to your destination as quickly as possible, and you want to choose between the subway and the train, give preference to the train. Taxi can be a good option too, but it won’t be the fastest one if you plan to order a car during rush hour because the traffic on the streets is very heavy.