Taxi JFK airport

Taxi is one of the most popular modes of transport among JFK airport passengers. With the help of a taxi, you can comfortably and quickly get to any point in the city, taking your luggage with you, no matter how large it is (if you are carrying large things with you, you can choose a car of the appropriate size). Using a taxi, you can get from the airport to Midtown Manhattan in just 40 minutes. However, don’t forget that the duration of the trip may increase if there is heavy traffic on the streets of the city.

How to use a taxi

You can find cars near the exit of each terminal. The airport administration strongly recommends not to use the services of dubious taxi services. Often these drivers don’t have a license or insurance. Also, do not use the services of people without uniforms who offer to help you with your luggage. The airport has its own uniformed staff you can trust.
If you don’t know which taxi service is safe to use, ask the airport staff who are located in each arrivals area. This is advised by the airport administration.
At the taxi stand, you should be given a document that serves to protect your consumer rights. If you are not satisfied with the service or you forget something in the car, you can contact the taxi service.

About paying for a taxi

Since many passengers travel from the airport to Manhattan, the administration has introduced a flat fare for such a trip – $ 52. Additionally, you will need to pay $4.5 if you are traveling during rush hour and the cost of your trip exceeded $56.5. Rush hour starts on weekdays at 16:00 and ends at 20:00. Holidays are an exception.
If you don’t use a fixed fare, the taxi driver turns on the meter. At the beginning of the trip, the meter should show 3 dollars. The final cost of the trip depends on the distance and traffic. No more than 4 people can fit in one passenger car. The minivan can carry up to 5 people.