Air Europe JFK airport

The airline’s old name is Air España SA. It was founded in 1986. At first, the company was a division of the ILG-Air Europe Group. Later it became the first private airline in Spain. Today it is considered the third largest airline in the country. Air Europa is headquartered in Llucmajor. The largest hub of Air Europa is the city of Barajas. The airline is a member of the world’s second largest SkeTeam alliance.

The airline owns 46 aircraft. The most popular aircraft is the Boeing 737-800. Flights are also operated by ATR 72, Embraer E-195LR, Boeing 787-9 and several other models. A feature of the company’s fleet is the relatively small age of the aircraft – 6.8 years.

Air Europa at JFK

Flights that the airline operates independently arrive at Terminal 4. There are also flights that are operated on a codeshare basis. Such planes arrive at terminal 2. From here, the aircraft depart for their destinations.

Some of the cities where Air Europa aircraft fly to: Portland, San Francisco, Madrid, Seattle, Barcelona, ​​Atlanta, Chicago, Orlando, Las Vegas, Boston, Denver, San Juan, Detroit. Detailed information about flights on a particular day can be found on the official website of the airport or the airline itself.