Air India airline JFK airport

Air India is India’s most popular air carrier. The company operates flights both within its own country and abroad. The airline was founded in 1930, but began to fully operate flights in 1932. Today, Air India is owned by the state. The airline has two divisions: Air India Express and Air India Cargo.

The company’s fleet consists of 123 aircraft. The most popular aircrafts are Boeing 787-8 and Airbus A320neo. The airline’s planes fly, for example, to such cities: Melbourne, Sydney, Stockholm, Rome, Amritsar, Paris, London, Birmingham, Vienna, Toronto, Washington.

The company has codeshare agreements with more than 20 companies, including Lufthansa, Air China, Air Astana, Croatia Airlines, Turkish Airlines.

Arrivals terminal at JFK

The airline’s planes arrive at terminal 4. The terminal may change depending on the flight. Look for detailed information on the ticket, on the websites of the airline and the airport.

Departures terminal

Air India flights are dispatched from terminal 4 too. In this case, the terminal can also change, so we recommend that you always look for detailed information before traveling.


Check-in is carried out at the terminal from which your flight departs. If the terminal changes, this is indicated on the ticket.