All Nippon Airways JFK airport

All Nippon Airways is a Japanese airline headquartered in Tokyo. It is the largest airline in the country that operates international flights. The company has several divisions, including Air Japan, Air Nippon, Air Next, Air Central.

At first, the airline operated only within the country. All Nippon Airways entered the international market in 1986. A distinctive feature of All Nippon Airways is that this company was the first in the world to receive a Boeing 787.

Now the airlines have 217 aircrafts at its disposal. The average age of planes is 8.3 years. The most popular aircraft is the Boeing 767-300. All Nippon Airways has 39 of these models.
Some airline destinations: Bogota, Tokyo, Medellin, San Salvador.

Arrivals terminal at JFK

The airline’s planes arrive at terminal 7. Some flights are operated on a codeshare basis, that is, jointly with other companies. These planes land at terminal 4.

Departures terminal

In this case, nothing changes. All Nippon Airways flights depart from terminal 7. Codeshare flights depart from terminal 4. If the terminal changes, this will be indicated on your ticket.


To go through this procedure, you need to get to the terminal from which your plane will depart. For more information, contact the airport staff.