American Airlines JFK airport

American Airlines is the national airline of the United States. In many respects, it is a world leader. For example, this company has no equal in terms of the size of fleet, passenger traffic, the number of cities where American Airlines planes fly. The total number of destinations reaches 356. Aircraft of this airline can be found in more than 50 countries around the world.

American Airlines operates 891 aircrafts. The most popular aircraft is the Boeing 737-800. Airbus A321-200 (218 planes) is in second place. In general, American Airlines has used more than 20 aircraft models throughout its existence.

American Airlines has partnerships with many major airlines such as Etihad Airways, WestJet, Alaska Airlines, Fiji Airways.

Examples of cities that American Airlines fly to: London, Caracas, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Mexico City, Boston, Honolulu, Paris, Rio de Janeiro.

Arrivals terminal at JFK

The home terminal of the airline is terminal 8. There are a large number of lounge areas for passengers. Some flights are operated on a codeshare basis. Such planes arrive at terminals 1,5,7.

Departures terminal

American Airlines planes depart from the same terminals they arrive at. If the terminal changes, this will be indicated on the ticket. You can get detailed information on the website of the airport or airlines.


To complete the procedure, you need to get to the terminal where your plane will depart from. Detailed instructions are on the ticket.