Brussels Airlines JFK airport

Brussels Airlines is the largest airline in Belgium. This company is a subsidiary of the German Lufthansa. The headquarter of the airline is located in Zaventem (Belgium).
Brussels Airlines has a small number of aircrafts – 44. The most popular model is the Airbus A319-100. Also at the disposal of the airline is Airbus A330-300 (10 aircrafts), Airbus A320-200 (16 planes). The average age of planes is about 16 years.

Brussel Airlines planes fly, for example, to such cities: Prague, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Rhodes, Budapest, Tel Aviv, Milan, Riga, Valletta.

Arrivals terminal at JFK

The planes of this airline land in New York at terminal 1. The terminal may change depending on the flight. To keep up to date with the latest information, we recommend visiting the website of the airline or airport.

Departures terminal

The terminal remains the same: flights also depart from terminal 1. You will first need to go through the check-in procedure.


After successfully completing this procedure, you will receive a boarding pass. Check-in is carried out at the terminal where your plane will depart from. Check-in takes place a few hours before departure, so you need to arrive at the airport in advance.