El Al Israel Airlines

El Al Israel Airlines is Israel’s national carrier and the country’s largest airline. The company is based in Tel Aviv. El Al Israel Airlines is distinguished by its religiosity and adherence to local traditions. Airline planes don’t fly on important holidays, flights are not operated on Saturday, passengers on board can order only kosher food. The airline was founded in 1948 and today has more than 50 destinations.

The company’s fleet consists of 45 aircrafts. The most popular model is the Boeing 737-800 (16 planes). Boeing 787-9 is only slightly inferior to the leader: the company has 12 such planes at its disposal.

Some El Al Israel Airlines destinations: Vienna, Montreal, Zagreb, Nicosia, Larnaca, Brussels, Sofia. Copenhagen, Milan, Tbilisi, Marseille, Paris, Nice, Berlin, Frankfurt.

Arrivals terminal at JFK

El Al Israel Airlines is served in terminal 4. The airline operates some flights on a codeshare basis, that is, jointly with other airlines. Such flights arrive at terminal 5, 8.

Departures terminal

Flights that the airline operates independently also arrive at terminal 4. Codeshare flights are served by the above terminals. Be that as it may, check the information before the flight, because the terminal may change.


Check-in is carried out in the terminal from where the plane will depart. If there are other requirements, detailed information will be indicated on the ticket.