Etihad Airways is the national air carrier of the United Arab Emirates. The company was founded relatively recently – In 2003. However, today it is considered one of the best, and many call Etihad Airways the fastest growing airline in the world.

Etihad Airways operate many flights independently, but there are also codeshare flights. This means that they are held jointly with other companies. For example, the list of partners includes Czech Airlines, Aer Lingus, Air Malta, Air New Zealand, Turkish Airlines.

The airline has 106 passenger aircrafts at its disposal. The most popular model is the Boeing 787-9 (30 planes).

Some Etihad Airways destinations: Melbourne, Sydney, Vienna, Brussels, Toronto, Cairo, Nice, Paris, Munich, Frankfurt.

Arrivals terminal at JFK

Flights that the airline operates independently are served by terminal 4. Codeshare flights arrive at terminal 5.

Departures terminal

Terminals remain unchanged. However, some flights may be served by other terminals from time to time. We recommend that you look for up-to-date information before the trip. Visit the airport’s website.


In order to receive your boarding pass and gain access to the aircraft, you must first go through a check-in. The check is carried out in the terminal from where the plane departs.