Eva Air is an airline from Taiwan that provides passenger and cargo transportation in Europe, Asia, Australia, North America. This airline is the second in Taiwan after China Airlines.
The airline operates 75 aircrafts. Some of them are used for freight transport. The most popular model is the Boeing 777-300ER (34 planes).

Some Eva Air destinations: Vienna, Liege, Vancouver, Toronto, Milan, Istanbul, London, Boston, Atlanta, Bangkok, Phuket.

Arrivals terminal at JFK

Flights of this airline are served by terminal 1. Eva Air operates some flights in cooperation with other airlines. Such flights are called codeshare and they are served by terminal 4. The terminal may change. This means that you need to get reliable information before the trip, if it is important to you.

Departures terminal

Eva Air planes depart from terminal 1, as in the previous case. Codeshare flights depart from terminal 4.


To gain access to the aircraft, you need to obtain a boarding pass, which is issued to the passenger after passing the check-in. This procedure is carried out in the terminal where the aircraft departs from. You can find detailed information about check-in in the ticket.