Icelandair airline

Icelandair is the largest airline in Iceland. The company was founded in 1937 and today operates flights to 48 destinations. Due to the geographical location of the country, Icelandair’s main business is transatlantic flights.

Icelandair has codeshare agreements with certain companies. This list includes, for example, JetBlue, Finnair, Air Iceland Connect.

A distinctive feature of the airline is the relatively large average age of aircrafts – about 20 years. In total, Icelandair operates 39 planes. The most popular model is the Boeing 757-200 (19 aircrafts).

Icelandair planes fly, for example, to the following destinations: Toronto, Paris, Nice, Salzburg, Brussels, Liege, Edmonton, Dublin, Rome, Verona, Oslo, London, Glasgow.

Arrivals terminal at JFK

Usually, the airline’s planes arrive at terminal 7. Codeshare flights, which we mentioned above, arrive at terminal 5.

Departures terminal

Planes in this case also depart from terminals 7 and 5. However, we advise you to check the information when planning a trip. The airport sometimes changes terminals.


To pass check-in, you need to find out your terminal and get to it on time. Don’t forget that you need to arrive early, as check-in usually takes place a few hours before departure.