Lufthansa is the national airline of Germany, which is the largest airline concern in Europe. The company began operating regular flights in 1955. Today Lufthansa flies to 78 countries around the world. The airline is known for co-founding Star Alliance, which is the most respected and oldest alliance in aviation.

The Lufthansa fleet consists of 267 planes. The most popular model is the Airbus A320-200 (60 aircrafts). In total, the airline has approximately 15 aircraft models at its disposal.

Some Lufthansa destinations: Salzburg, Yerevan, Vancouver, Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto, Prague, Brno, Larnaca, Hanover, Hamburg, Milan, Catania.

Arrivals terminal at JFK

Lufthansa aircrafts arrive at terminal 1. In some cases, the terminal changes at the discretion of the airport administration. We recommend looking for reliable information before the trip.

Departures terminal

Flights depart from terminal 1 too. In this case, there may also be changes, so be careful.


This procedure must be completed by each passenger. Check-in is carried out in the terminal from where the flight departs. You can find useful information about this issue on your ticket.