Qatar Airways is the national airline of Qatar, founded in 1993. Today the company operates flights to more than 150 destinations. Qatar Airways is among a small list of companies that have received a five-star rating from SkyTrax, a consulting firm that rates airlines against a variety of criteria. In 2021, Qatar Airways was named the world’s best air carrier for the sixth time, which is a record.

The company’s fleet consists of 238 planes. The most popular model is the Boeing 777-300ER. In total, Qatar Airways has at its disposal about 20 different models.

Some destinations of Qatar Airways: Buenos Aires, Sydney, Vienna, Canberra, Yerevan, Helsinki, Berlin, Paris, Nice, Lyon, Budapest, Mumbai.

Arrivals terminal at JFK

Qatar Airways flights are served by terminal 8. This applies to flights that the company operates independently. There are also codeshare flights, which are carried out in cooperation with other companies. There are two terminals for such flights: 5 and 7.

Departures terminal

The terminals remain the same. You need to know that from time to time the airport administration change the terminal, so it is worth taking a little time before your trip to find the latest information.


To check-in at JFK Airport, you need to arrive in advance at the terminal from which your flight will depart. You can find detailed information on your ticket.