Royal Jordanian is an airline that was founded in 1963. Today the company is based in the city of Amman (the capital of Jordan). Royal Jordanian is part of the Arab Air Carriers Organization.
The airline operates flights to 60 destinations. Most of them are operated independently by Royal Jordanian, but some flights are classified as codeshare. The airline has agreements, for example, with such colleagues: American Airlines, Iberia, British Airways, Malaysia Airlines.

The Royal Jordanian has a small fleet of only 24 planes. The most popular model is the Boeing 787-8.

Here are some cities where planes of this airline fly: Athens, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Vienna, Berlin, Beirut, Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Chicago, Zurich, Tunisia.

Arrivals terminal at JFK

Royal Jordanian flights are served at terminal 8, but this is not always the case. In some cases, planes arrive at other terminals because of airport administration decision. We recommend that you seek reliable information before traveling.

Departures terminal

The terminal usually remains the same, however, as in the previous case, there may be changes.


To receive a boarding pass, each passenger must go through the check-in procedure. You must go to the terminal where your flight will depart from.