Southern China Airlines

Southern China Airlines is a Chinese airline founded in 1988. It has the largest fleet in the Asian region (629 aircrafts). Southern China Airlines operates local, regional and international flights.
Some flights are operated by Southern China Airlines in cooperation with other airlines (although the plane will have the Southern China Airlines logo, the services are provided by another company). For example, there are codeshare agreements with Qantas, Thai Airways International, Delta Air Lines, Air France, Aeromexico.

The most popular aircraft in the fleet is the Boeing 737-800 (163 planes). In total, the airline uses more than 15 aircraft models.

Some destinations of Southern China Airlines: Almaty, Baku, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Auckland, Colombo, Istanbul, London, Phuket, Sydney.

Arrivals terminal at JFK

This airline doesn’t have a separate terminal at the airport, that is, Southern China Airlines planes land in different terminals. Codeshare flights are served by terminal 4, 8.
Departures terminal

Everything is the same here. The planes that depart from the airport also don’t have a specific terminal. We recommend that you seek up-to-date information before traveling. You can find it on the website of the airline or airport.


To go through this procedure, you need to find out from which terminal your plane will depart and arrive there in advance. If there are other requirements, details will be indicated on the ticket.