United Airlines is one of the largest US airlines. The company is one of the co-founders of the reputable Star Alliance. United Airlines was founded in 1926. Today the airline operates flights to 342 destinations.

The company has a very large fleet. It consists of 862 aircraft. The average age is about 17 years old. United Airlines uses 18 aircraft models. The most popular aircraft is the Boeing 737-800 (141 planes). The Boeing 737-900ER is only slightly behind the leader: the company has 136 planes at its disposal.

United Airlines aircrafts fly, for example, to the following cities: Santiago, Brussels, Bridgetown, Toronto, Paris, Nice, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Roma, Venice, Oslo, Barcelona.

Arrivals terminal at JFK

The main terminal for United Airlines is terminal 7. Codeshare flights arrive at terminals 1 and 4.

Departures terminal

In this case, the terminals are no different from those mentioned above. However, you need to remember that there are exceptions, and aircrafts are served by other terminals. Look for information on the website of the airport or airline.


This check must be completed by every passenger who departs from JFK airport. Check-in is carried out in the terminal from which the flight departs. Detailed information can be found on the ticket. An alternative option is to ask an airport employee for help.